Our cost-effective though thorough metal-roof painting services are conducted with absolute professionalism and care. We start with a high-pressure hydro wash, clean gutters, treat and remove rust, inspect the roof for leaks and cracks, seal with latex and safeguard your roof against leaks and damages in the future.

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High pressure hydro wash roof thoroughly to remove any loose paint, bird droppings and any other dirt.(Please note: we do not remove all of the old paint)

Gutters are to be cleaned of all loose paint, leaves, etc.

All rusted areas are to be cleaned and treated with a rust converter. It may be necessary to use a grinder with a wire cup brush to remove rust and stubborn paint.

All roof screws are inspected. Loose roof screws are a common cause of roof leaks. Where necessary loose or missing roof screws are replaced with new ones.

In cases where rust damage is irreparable with conventional waterproofing methods, new metal roof sheets will be attached above the damaged areas.

Once all metal roof screws have been replaced, each metal roof screw is sealed with a latex compound.

All ridge joints are to be sealed with a latex compound or fibreglass membrane, depending on the circumstances.

Where necessary loose metal roof sheets may have to be pop-riveted together. These rivets are then sealed with a latex compound.

This will minimize the chances of future roof leaks.

All valleys are inspected and cleaned out. Blocked valleys are a common cause of roof leaks.

All flashings and protrusions are to be inspected and cleaned. If necessary sealed with a fibre re-enforced latex.

The metal roof is then treated with a red oxide primer, where necessary.

This is an airless roof spraying machine. These spraying machines do not allow any air to mix with the coating being sprayed. This is vitally important, if you get air in your coating it will form bubbles that will pop and cause peeling.

The first coat of acrylic metal roof coating is applied using an airless spraying machine.

The second coat of acrylic metal roof coating is applied using an airless spraying machine.

Please note: In some cases the metal roof being treated is in a bad condition, with uneven surfaces, thick old paint etc. it may be necessary to brush on this coating. This helps to hide a change in thickness.

The finished product after the second coat
of acrylic metal roof coating has been applied.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases mapping may occur.Mapping is when either a change in texture or level occurs. Normally this is caused by thick old paint which cannot always be removed, or from the lack of grit on the substrate. This normally results in a matt rather than a gloss type finish. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this.

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