Our roof painting services, as well as our other services for tiled roofs, are comprehensive and affordable, and ensure that your roof can withstand the ravages of ageing and weathering for an extended amount of time. We take a holistic approach to roof paintingservicing tiled roofs that removes debris, cleans gutters, inspects, coats and cleans your tiled roofs to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks.

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High pressure hydro wash roof thoroughly to remove any loose paint, bird droppings and any other dirt.

Gutters are to be cleaned of all loose paint, leaves, etc.

All valleys are inspected and cleaned out. Blocked valleys are a common cause of roof leaks.

All flashings are to be inspected and cleaned. Where necessary sealed with either a latex compound or fibreglass membrane. This is another common cause of roof leaks.

The roof is inspected for chipped and broken tiles, which are to be replaced or repaired. Broken tiles are a common cause of roof leaks.Please note: We replace up to 20 tiles free of charge.

If the existing make of roof tile is no longer available, we will take tiles from the gutter line and replace the broken tiles with good ones. Repairs then will be made to the broken ones and put back in the gutter line.

All cracking and loose mortar is removed from the ridging. This cracking of the existing mortar is caused by the inability of cement to absorb thermal movement.

All ridging is repaired and sealed with a patching compound. This product is specially formulated for Paint Doctor Roog and Wall Coatings. The advantage of this patching compound is its outstanding thermal properties. It absorbs thermal movement easily. This is an excellent substitute for conventional cement.

This is an airless roof spraying machine. These spraying machines do not allow any air to mix with the coating being sprayed. This is vitally important-if you get air in your coating it will form bubbles that will pop and cause peeling.

Once preparation is complete a sealer coat is applied to the roof. Please note: In most cases our sealer coat is mixed with our first coat of roof acrylic coating. This allows for good colour penetration into the roof tile.

The first coat of acrylic roof coating is applied by airless spray gun.

The second coat is then applied by airless spray gun.
The final product.

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