The Contractors at Paint Doctor take a detailed approach to revitalising the exterior walls of your home with our professionally conducted wall painting services all Johannesburg. The process includes a pre-paint hydro wash, scaffolding if necessary, repairing of cracks, coating windows, plastering and damp proofing, sealing, painting and inspections.

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High pressure hydro wash walls thoroughly to remove any loose paint, bird droppings and any other dirt. Where there are creepers or ivy present, it may be necessary to remove them. Please note: We do not remove all the old paint, only that which is loose and peeling.

On double story houses and hard to reach places, it may be necessary to erect scaffolding.

All cracks need to be opened and repaired. We repair cracks by either using a patching compound or by re-plastering a crack. Please note: Some cracks are caused by structural defects/movement. We cannot guarantee these cracks.

All window sills are to be coated in conjunction with the wall coating. These sills can either be matched up with the roof or walls. All other areas that may come into contact with dripping paint are masked. Drip sheets are used to prevent any spillage which cause unsightly paint marks on paving, tiles, etc.

In areas where there is bad plaster it is necessary to be removed. All these relevant areas then need to be re-plastered.

Where we encounter any damp areas, our very own product called ‘Damp Doctor’ is used. This product allows for excellent breathability letting water out of the substrate slowly in a controlled fashion. The presence of white cement binds up excess moisture from the damp substrate. This product allows for excellent adhesion, provides excellent water/alkali resistance, maintains good hiding/obliterating power and cleans water up aggressively. Once a substrate is Sealed With Paint DR Damp Sealer it can then be Primed and top coated with a wide range of Paint DR water based products

This product prevents damp from within the wall reaching our coating. In most cases the combination of our coating and Coprox reduces the chance of the damp re-occurring. Please note: We cannot stop rising damp, but only delay its effects on our coating.

Where we re-plaster and repair cracks, we skim that area to try blend the repair with the existing texture. Please note: It is sometimes impossible to match the existing plaster texture. There may be a slight difference between the old and new plaster texture.

All parapet walls need to be inspected and if necessary repaired. Thereafter a coat latex compound is applied to seal the parapet wall. In some cases it may be necessary to apply a fibreglass membrane.

It is often necessary to apply colour samples to the wall to ensure the right one is chosen. There is often a difference in colour between a colour chart and the actual paint, therefore we recommend the physical samples be applied before coating commences.

A sealer coat is the applied to the walls. This prepares the walls for our coating product, and acts as a bonding agent. This is a vital part of preparation.

In bad areas, areas with many fine hairline cracks and areas with variable plaster texture, a base coat of acrylic ripple coaring needs to be applied. Due to its extreme thickness and elasticity, it is a perfect coating to help hide unsightly wall defects. The ripple coating is applied as an undercoat only, two coats of acrylic sheen coating still need to be applied.

Shown here is the application of the first coat of acrylic sheen.

Once the fist coat of acrylic sheen has dried for a few hours the second coat is applied to finish.

A completed project.

PLEASE NOTE: Mapping may occur.
This is when there is either a change in texture or level, normally caused by thick old paint which we cannot always remove, or from the lack of grit on the substrate, resulting in a matt/gloss type finish.

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